Ethereum and Blockchain Programming with Solidity

Got a nice read of Ethereum and Blockchain today. Downloaded the Ethereum Wallet and Mist.
Still got a lot of things to read before I can start building applications for this Decentralized Application concept. Got a new Hobby now with blockchain and cryptocurrency. whewww!

Cheers to New Wave and Synthpop!

File Upload Get MIME Type using JavaScript


    <input type="file" id="upload-files" multiple>
    var control = document.getElementById("upload-files");
    control.addEventListener("change", function(event) {      
        var files = control.files;
        for (var i = 0; i < files.length; i++) {
            console.log("Filename: " + files[i].name);
            console.log("Type: " + files[i].type);
            console.log("Size: " + files[i].size + " bytes");
    }, false);