Unity Dependency Injection, Test Driven Design and Entity Framework

Early Today I struggled on implementing Dependency Injection using Unity on a new Asp.net MVC 5 setup. I struggle so much that I move on to unit testing instead just to make some progress today using Moq.

So Unit Testing my Project right now is using only the Repository Pattern. I’ll be back on Dependency Injection Containers Maybe next week. I’ll use this Repository Pattern setup to finish my 2 projects this week.

Here are some code highlights

Instantiating your controller

private ICustomerRepository _customerRepository;

public CustomersController(ICustomerRepository customerRepository)
  _customerRepository = customerRepository;

public CustomersController()
  _customerRepository = new CustomerRepository();

Moq Unit Testing

 var customers = new List<Customer>();
 repositoryMock.Setup(x => x.FindAll()).Returns(customers.AsQueryable());

 var result = controller.Lists() as ViewResult;
 var model = result.ViewData.Model as List<Customer>;

 Assert.AreEqual(1, model.Count);
 Assert.AreEqual("Lists", result.ViewName);

Repository Interface for Customers Implementation

public interface ICustomerRepository : IDisposable
  IEnumerable<Customer> FindAll();
  Customer GetByID(int id);      
  void Delete(int id);
  void SaveOrUpdate(Customer customer);

This will now be my base code to implement by Billing and Payroll Applications.